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Approved by Board of Directors: May 2016

SECU Foundation provided financial support to assist with Season 4 production of the award-winning PBS television show A Chef’s Life that broadcasted nationally September 2016. This food docuseries follows celebrity Chef Vivian Howard, and sheds light on the importance of preserving endangered southern foodways, highlights nutrition and the return to a focus on supporting local food producers, while instructing viewers on methods of cooking and preserving foods forgotten by many.

As part of our partnership, Vivian Howard and A Chef’s Life staff hosted Southeast Elementary School’s fifth grade class for an educational tour of the Kinston Farmer’s Market. Ms. Howard lead the group of nearly 40 students on a tour of the market, teaching them the value of farmers and origin of fresh food. This program helped promote local and community development through educational initiatives that help students learn the importance of fresh foods and where they can find them. A link to a video of the A Chef’s Life Farm to Fifth Grade Field Trip can be found below:

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