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The SECU Foundation promotes local and community development by primarily funding high impact projects in the areas of housing, education, healthcare and human services. The State Employees’ Credit Union Board of Directors chartered the SECU Foundation to help identify and address community issues that are beyond the normal scope of State Employees’ Credit Union. While individual members may not have a large impact, collectively and cooperatively the Foundation can go a long way toward helping solve problems in our neighborhoods, schools and our community at large.

Power of a Dollar

Total Committed: Over $250 million committed in scholarships, grants and loans since 2004.

One of the major dilemmas for State Employees’ Credit Union is how to fund the efforts and/or projects adopted by SECU Foundation. SECU does not feel the best approach is to “just write a check.” Any way you look at it, in a cooperative, all funds spent by the Credit Union come from the membership. The Credit Union does not have “its own money” - it is all yours as a member-owner. We reassign the $1.00 per month maintenance fee that all members pay on their checking accounts to the Foundation. All members with an active checking account saw the first “SECU Foundation” contribution designation on their July 2004 statement. Again, this is simply reallocating the $1.00 maintenance fee and is not an additional charge. SECU retains the right to discontinue the Foundation contribution at any time.

SECU members who do not wish to contribute to the Foundation may choose to continue paying the $1.00 as a maintenance fee to SECU and opt-out of the contribution to the SECU Foundation. Choosing to opt-out of contributing to SECU Foundation will not discontinue fees altogether. Members may opt-out of contributing to SECU Foundation at any time through the Services page of Member Access.

Having the individual member make the contribution enforces the core concept of State Employees’ Credit Union as a member-owned cooperative. Projects will be funded by the SECU Foundation through “member-owners of SECU,” not by the Credit Union. Therefore, credit for the projects will rightfully be awarded to the SECU members making the contributions.

While a $1.00 per month individual contribution may not make much of an impact, collectively, cooperatively, with all members contributing, this funding method could go a long way toward helping solve problems in our neighborhoods, our schools, our community at large.

Board of Directors

SECU Foundation’s Board of Directors are inspired by the Credit Union philosophy of “People Helping People”. Board members serve on a volunteer basis and are not paid for their commitment.

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In addition to the monthly maintenance fee, members can also help fund the Foundation by setting up a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation via Member Access or mail a check made payable to “SECU Foundation”.

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