Exploring North Carolina

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Exploring North Carolina

Approved by Board of Directors: 2009, 2011, & 2017

SECU Foundation provided funding to the Friends of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences to support the production of the UNC-TV series Exploring North Carolina. The grant allowed for the delivery of a digital record of NC's natural heritage to all students across the State, reaching homes and schools via UNC-TV, through DVDs and the Internet.

In 2017, SECU Foundation provided funding to assist with the production of a four-part series, “Water in NC: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, which aired in April 2018.

Exploring North Carolina is a comprehensive education program that highlights the State's great natural wonders. This emmy-nominated series first aired in 2005, and as one of the most widely aired programs on UNC-TV, has become a North Carolina “field guide” for visitors and new arrivals to the State.