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Approved by Board of Directors: July 2018

SECU Foundation awarded a grant to support the development of the beacon site of Southeast Raleigh Promise, a Purpose Built Community. The new campus is intended to help revitalize the Southeast Raleigh Community by bringing together the community, nonprofits, businesses and government entities to collaboratively work toward creative solutions that meet the needs of the residents of Southeast Raleigh. Plans for the beacon site include a Wake County public elementary school, 120 units of affordable housing, a YMCA, and some commercial entities. In addition, this project further supports an earlier SECU Foundation commitment in the area to SECU Advance Community Health which provides health services to community members.

The mission of Southeast Raleigh Promise is to end the cycle of intergenerational poverty within the neighborhoods that comprise the Rock Quarry Road Corridor in Raleigh. Southeast Raleigh Promise focuses on five pillars that include education, housing, health/wellness, economic opportunity and leadership development. This campus marks the second Purpose Built Community located in North Carolina.

The beacon site is located at 1436 Rock Quarry Road, Raleigh, NC 27610.

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